Pilsen Loses Historical Murals at Casa Aztlan

More than fifty residents gathered outside Casa Aztlan, a beloved historic community center and most recent victim of gentrification, on Tuesday, June 20, 2017, to remember and mourn the displaced murals that once blossomed on the building exterior walls. Attendee participated in song, stories of their experiences growing up in the community center, along with speeches from local activists.

“How are all these places surrounding us so nice and fancy? And how is it – explain to me, with all this talent that we have, we have to fight for our spaces”, Said Marta Ayala, Community Affairs Specialist at the University of Illinois at Chicago, during the gathering at Casa Aztlan, Tuesday, June 20. “I know we are very talented, humble, and beautiful people. But you know, we are losing the battle and our spaces. We need our spaces to keep our children creative and out of trouble.”

-- Words & Photographs by Sebastián Hidalgo