Thicker Smoke with Louder Bombs

FROM NOTES: As the sound of fireworks gets louder in Pilsen, residences are teased with the promise of a colorful display in the upcoming night sky. The weekend leading up to Fourth of July bared witnessed to the presence of more police officers on patrol and the sound of screams reacted from the occasional unexpected “big booms” that echo throughout busy streets. Children can be seen experimenting with their first firecracker while enthusiasts partake in showing off their biggest purchases. 

Some with access to rooftops indicated that this year’s Fourth of July celebration was exceptionally louder and more colorful than last years. Indeed, burnt paper filled the streets with its multi-color aftermath symbolizing the amount of joy shared with family.

The next day, streaks of brooms and jet-cleaners can be seen to have washed away the majority of the evidence from this year’s holiday— just in time for early morning shifts.

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